Freelance 2D artist and illustrator

I am a digital 2D artist and illustrator. I love to draw peaceful and whimsical atmospheres with cute, playful and sometimes grumpy characters in a wholesome and colorful kidlit artstyle.
I do black and white illustrations as well, with a cautious work on lineart.

I also do freelance work for indie video games.

I run an online shop, where I sell handmade wholesome art goodies.

I would love to illustrate children books and other fiction and creative non-fiction texts as well.

  • a cute pink and orange cat is walking on a garden wall recovered by ivy very carefully to make sure not to arm their little bug friends (ladybugs on the ivy leaves, little flys and butterflies flying around). This is a very sunny day and you can see flowers in the trees on the background.
  • A cat is knitting on a rocking chair while a kitty is playing with their toys, in front of a big window with ivy. You can see trees and that it’s raining outside, but the light is still pretty bright.
  • A ladybug has her luggage attached on her with a white string knotted in a bow. She is walking on a green and pink leaf. You can see other leaves on the background, and a little house on one of them. This was probably her old house she didn’t want to live in anymore. There are some clouds in the sky but it’s a sunny day.
  • a cute purple cat is dressed up as a frog in a swamp! no one has to know his little secret!
  • a cute pink bunny is picking wildflowers in a field. She puts them in her cute basket. She wears a lovely light blue and white summer dress and a matching hat, with a white daisy on it.
  • a white girl with long red hair and wearing a champagne, maroony jumper, a green dress overall, white socks and chesnut boots is jumping over a wall covered with ivy. There are trees in front of her, their leaves have already turned orange and some mushroom grow on their trunks.
  • a mage bunny wearing a large green dress with long and large sleeves is like in the air. They also wear a flower crown, yellow socks and green boots. They hold a magic wand on their left hand.
  • a witch prepared her breakfast in the early morning: on a wooden table with some mushrooms on the legs, there is a white table cloth. She prepared some water, bread, hot tea, pumpkin jam, cutlery and a plate. You can see the portrait of one of her ancestors and dried bouquets hanging on the wall in the background.
  • a cute white cat wrapped in an orangy marroon blanket is enjoying a cup of hot cocoa and is drawing in their sketchbook with their tail.
  • a cute orange cat is dressed with reindeer woods and is standing on a snowy hill. There's another snowy hill in the background, and these hills overhang a pine tree forest that are also recovered in snow. It is a snowy and starry night.
  • digital illustration made in black and white, in a lineart style. Three lilies of the valley, surrounded by sparkles.
  • two black birds are having a meeting on mushrooms, surrounded by flowers and sparkles
  • digital half body portrait in an ink lineart style of a young person holding a book entitled "history of the orchestra", wearing a flower jumper and a white shirt underneath, small round glasses and hoop hearings