I make custom portraits and illustrations (including but not limited to your lovely pets!).
I do: people, characters (includig oc), and animals. I do not do: nsfw, gore and other graphic stuff.
If you have a project that differs from the options here, you can email me ( to talk about it!
Please send me reference images if possible.

How long should I wait to have my commission done?

It depends on how much work I currently have, my health, and how much time your commission requires. However, in general, you should expect to wait 5 to 15 days to receive the finished commission on average. Please note that the delay may change depending on the commission. I will of course let you know all of this by email!

How does it work?

You will pay me the whole amount before I start working on your commission. For over 100 euros commissions, you can pay half before I start working on it, and the other half when I send you the sketch, except if you are paying through my ko-fi commissions. You can through paypal or the ko-fi commission page.
I will send you a sketch, and you can ask me small changes. After this step, changes will be harder to make without extra fees.
Please note that custom commissions are for personal use only, I have different policies for commercial use: please see the commercial licencing policies.
I do not refund, except in certain cases. I reserve all rights on my work.

a pet portrait commission I made in spring 2022: two cute orange cats surrounded by yellow flowers
pet portrait commission I made in spring 2022

Prices for custom portraits

all prices are in euros and are for information only

Colored illustrations

portraitbase priceadditional fees per extra characteradditional fees for a more complex background
headshot3020simple backgrounds only
shoulders and up403020+
half body605040+
full body1008090+
plant3525 per extra plant10+

Black & white lineart style illustration

portraitbase priceadditional fees per extra characteradditional fees for a more complex background
headshot2012simple backgrounds only
shoulders and up302020+
half body504040+
whole body807080+

Prices for full illustrations

I do not have standard prices for full illustrations that aren’t portraits, because it fully depends on the illustration. Just to give you an indication, a full illustration starting price is around 250 euros for personal use. For commercial use, I have different policies and prices: you can see more information here.