Commercial Licencing

These are the usage fees I charge when using images commercially. Authorship and redistribution rights always stay with the artist. I keep the copyright of my work.

Usage% of quoteDescription
Base, non-exclusiveIncludedNon-exclusive use for one purpose for 12 months. (examples below) Image may be licenced to others. Reselling EXCLUDED.
Extra rights per channel, non-exclusive30%Charged for each additional channel, follows base licence.
Free lifetime usage, non-exclusive150%You can use the image freely for your company. Reselling up to 200 units.* The image may be licenced to others.
5 years exclusive+50%A top-up for above licences so that the image won’t be licenced to others to use for 5 years. After that, it falls back to the agreed upon non-exclusive licence.
Free usage, lifetime exclusive300%You can use the image freely for your company. Reselling up to 200 units.* The image won’t ever be able to be licenced to others but may be used for self-promotion purposes by the artist.
Reselling more than 200 unitscontact meIf you want to use the art on products you’re reselling, e.g. merchandise, please contact me by email and we will work something out, either through royalties or through a one-time fee.

Calculating Example

make cost 100 euros
Licence for 3 purposes: +60% / €60
5 years exclusive: + 50% / €50
Total cost: €210

Examples of a single usage

  • Internal company usage (e.g. slack, intranets, company presentations)
  • One commercial social media channel
  • Company website
  • Flyers
  • * Reselling up to 200 units (e.g. 200 t-shirts). You CAN use the artwork to place on a product (e.g. a t-shirt). You CANNOT resell the artwork as-is, e.g. clipart.

Examples of self-promotion by the artist

  • Portfolio
  • Social media
  • Videos of making process
  • Stream the making process
  • Newsletters