I’m Mibyle, a disabled artist and illustrator based in the North of France.

I mostly make digital art, and I also love drawing with traditional tools, especially ink and color pencils.

I love making peaceful & sweet atmospheres with lovely, playful and sometimes grumpy characters (especially animals), and would love to illustrate children books and other fiction and creative non-fiction works!

As far as I can remember, I’ve always enjoyed creating art projects ! My favorite things to draw now are playful and sometimes grumpy animal characters – as you can see from the illustrations in my portfolio and the products in my shop! Creating peaceful, wholesome and sweet sceneries has been my passion for the past years.

I have been interested in making art for video games as well since I started digital art in summer of 2020. I am now making art for a lovely indie video game called Pumpkin Face.

Accessibility and disability awareness in the freelance, indie art community and field matters a lot to me. I have been working on spreading awaneress in this field, and on accessibility guidelines for my own work (for both myself as a chronically ill and disabled worker, and for the audience) and for other projects.

I’m also a musician and studied bassoon and musicology. I have a background in social sciences. Now music is my hobby, along with reading and playing cosy video games such as animal crossing and dorfromantik.

If you want to contact me for a project, my email adress is: mibyledraws@gmail.com

We also can keep in touch on social media!

Clip Studio Paint Pro is my main digital art software. I also use Affinity Designer and Krita, and have used Autodesk Sketchbook on windows and android tablet.
I also have experience in social media management and genuine marketing for my small business.