draw a peaceful spring scenery with me

Spring 2022 has been a pretty good time for me illustration-wise: I felt I improved my digital art and illustration skills (as I was telling you here) and I created several illustrations I am proud of and I have a lot of fun with.
This spring rainy day illustration is one of them. I recorded the process – except for the sketching step as I didn’t at first think I would make a video and blog post about it. It was a very long one, so I ended up speeding it quite a bit (I think 7 times faster than the original if I remember well).
As you can see during the video, I choose some colors once I am happy with the sketch. I didn’t stick to all of them, and making the characters and objects stand up compared to the ground was a challenge because I wanted to stick to very soft and whimsical colors.

As usual I used clip studio paint pro and a wacom intuos pro drawing tablet.

I hope you will enjoy this process!

This illustration is now available in my etsy shop (as an handmade print), and in my inprnt shop (as different kinds of art print and art postcard).

By Mibyle

Freelance disabled 2D artist and illustrator living in the North of France

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