Draw cat and frog besties with me

I ordered some new polychromos color pencils this month and was very excited to use them in my shetchbook, even more with cat and frog besties characters!
I ordered backups for two of my favorite colors, earth green (#172) and dark naples ochre (#184). They have be my go-to’s regarding sketchbook colored works with the cobalt green (#156), the coral (#131) and the dark cadmium orange (#9201-115) for these past months.
I also ordered two new colors: violet (#138) and helio turquoise (#155).
In my opinion, these make a really nice spring color palette, flexible enough to play with values and saturation differences!

You may have noticed that cats and frogs are subjects that I love drawing. I also have a fondness for animals dressed like other animals (I mean, it’s doubled cuteness!).
This sketchbook page wasn’t aimed to practice anything, juts to have fun with these subjects I like and whit a color palette that inspires me a lot at the moment. It’s still practice in my opinion – but in a very relaxed and fun way!

Grab your sketchbook and come draw animal besties with me! ✸

By Mibyle

Freelance disabled 2D artist and illustrator living in the North of France

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