Drawing a Cute Character for Early Spring

In early January I drew a cute magpie picking poppies in my sketchbook. I wanted to redraw it digitally, using Clip Studio Paint, and make it more springy by using more saturated colors than on my sketchbook – especially the red of the flowers. However, I still wanted it to remind us early spring, when it’s still pretty chilly outside. This is why I kept pretty cool shades of blues and greenes.

I really love designing characters depending on the season I am placing them in, and it is skill I want to develop.

I recorded the process of the digital redraw on Clip Studio Paint. You can watch it on youtube!

By Mibyle

Freelance disabled 2D artist and illustrator living in the North of France


  1. Nice drawing. I never make an illustration using CPS. I only use it to draw my webtoon. Maybe next time I try to use it if there’s make any difference.

    1. Oh yeah I heard CSP was first meant to do comics / mangas / webtoons. The tools to make this kind of art seem really great on CSP!
      I hope you’ll have a good timeif you try it to make an illustration 🙂 !

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